i2S driver for Wolfson DAC?


I have a Wolfson DAC sitting on top of my Pi (model B) and have just installed Volumio 1.4. However I’m struggling to get any audio out of the Wolfson (I used it previously on an installation of Squeezeplug on the same Pi so I’m confident that the DAC is healthy). All I get at the moment is audio through the HDMI.

I’ve looked at the list of compatible I2S drivers (connecting to the Volumino interface through a web browser) but there is no driver for the Wolfson listed even though it does appear on the list of supported cards.

Sorry if this is a dumb newbie question. I’d be grateful if someone has the answer.




Your best bet is to download the image posted in : lorenzomonaco.net:8080/files … on.img.tgz.

Unzip that image and copy it onto a SD Memory Card and you are ready to use Volumio.

I think the ‘list of supported cards’ is for those supported by the Raspberry Pi, not Volumio. The Wolfson DAC requires its own drivers to work, and those drivers are not included with the default distribution of Volumio, probably because the Wolfson drivers are also not included in the standard distribution of Raspian (on which Volumio is based).

Some guys in this forum have put together versions of Volumio including the Wolfson drivers, as maestroji has mentioned. You can use those to get your Wolfson DAC to work with Volumio.


the link of image containing wolfson’s drivers is dead, is there a chance to find it somewhere else ? google has not been able to find it…

I tried to install raspbian image + wolfson drivers, provided by farnell14, but I have not been able to make mpd work !

You are my last chance… otherwise i’ll have to by a hifiberry card which seems to be compatible with volumio.

Thanks in advance for your help !

No special drivers need , just a image with i2s " open "

if the i2s work , work with any DAC with i2s in , so simple !

Sorry, i’m not sure I understand… you mean no sepcial driver to make wolfson card work ??

Sorry I’m wrong, get it wrong I thought that talking about the general i2s DAC of WOLFOSN, not for this card, which is essentially sound card codec, and not simply an application DAC , so actually we don’t speak about a i2s compatible DAC , but for a small sound codec card … and yes i think need specific drivers

Hello Phil,

If you are still facing problems using the RaspberryPi with the Wolfson Audio Card (an excellent combination) you may wish to give the very flexible and excellent OPENELEC software a try.

You would be able to obtain the necessary instructions and software from the following link :

openelec.tv/forum/search?searchu … ldforums=1