I2S driver for Ustars Audio R19

Dear All,
I got this I2S hat for my Pi3 from Alli Express with I2S output via HDMI. However, I try set up a different I2S DAC profile and doesn’t get it to work properly. It comes out lots of noise through to Holo DAC. Could all you help how to get it working?
Volumio 3 Issues?

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Hi Kenny,

As far as i can see this (appearently unsupported) I2S hat is using an ESS9038 chipset.
I would try one of the ES9028/9038 drivers or “HiFiBerry DAC”.
If that does not work you will propably have to ask the manufacturer. Good luck.

I doubt it would work on Volumio 2… so it’s no Volumio 3 issue.