i2S and whats the point of anything above 192/32?

there are lot of I2S/ DAC’s out there calming above 192/24bit as the DAC’s chip is capable of doing way above 192/24, but Raspberry PI’s/Asus Tinker board I2S can do only maximum of 192/24(32) bits. so even if you have a dac can do way above 192/24, your still stuck with maximum of 192/24(32)

i don’t see anyone talking about it or showing any work around for this.

You raise a good point. It is always worthwhile to investigate and provision for the next possible improvement in audio quality. At the moment there is relatively little music available beyond 192/24 so I imagine that is what has limited further work here. Actually achieving a full 24 bits (144dB) dynamic range from studio to listener at home is a formidable challenge. The very best ADCs and DACs are perhaps approaching this but these are very expensive pieces of equipment. The DACs which claim 32 bit capability aren’t 32 bit linear. Probably 21-22 bits at best. Fundamental laws of physics as regards thermal noise also come into play here.
The extra bits could perhaps allow a digital volume control which would be cheaper to implement than an analog switched attenuator type volume control?
With my hearing, as far as I’m concerned, it’s all rather academic :slight_smile:

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