I wrote a new feature - What now?

Hi Guys
I wrote new features for the volumio (you might have followed my progress over the last couple of weeks) that does some pretty nice things if you have an “AdaFruit LCDPlate with buttons” installed,

I would like to see this as part of the volumio release as I think it is a certain winner-addon.

You can read more about it here:

aubreykloppers.wordpress.com/201 … t-the-box/

The scripts have been written as a service and starts quite nicely.

Kind regards
cyber7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers)
Cape Town
South Africa

Saw it and it is very nice! Let’s integrate that!
Since it requires lot of stuff, which maybe is not needed by lot of people, why not starting the good old plugin functionality?
We can just host a tar gz file, then unpack it and start a script to install. I can integrate the possibility to enable the process in the webui.
What you think about that?

I like!

I will start working on an automated script. If possible, will you be able to plug it into the “settings” menu? It could be as easy as:
Do you have an “Adafruit 16x2 LCD+Keypad Kit for Raspberry Pi” installed?

Kind regards
(aka Aubrey Kloppers; Cape Town; South Africa)

Yes, of course. I can make a button which will enable the script. Then, once the script has finished, the pi will reboot and voilà!