I really hope Spotify Hifi won't be part of the paid Volumio subscription

Sounds pretty obvious right ? It’s an easy cash grab for Volumio, the same way they do with Tidal.

I really hope they will just let us do a regular Spotify Connect.

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Nobody force you to use tidal connect on volumio side or spotify connect for hifi if they will charghe. You can all the time buy some more fancy and pricy stuff :).
I am realy happy that this sw exists and I can do a lot of stuff and also learn electeinuca, practical mechanics etc…


Is there a free SDK already from Spotify for Spotify Connect/HiFi ? :slight_smile:


I personally think that volumio users (at least the people I know) will turn their backs when paying for Spotify high res and will probably look for other options.
and the added value of Fancy stuff will pay for itself in the long run.
and of course you get that it all has to run without software problems, otherwise people will complain because they have paid for it.

at least that’s my opinion.

@TohuBohu Erm, perhaps you should write your own application using a non-existant SDK for a non-existant (as of now) Spotify Connect HiFi? Simple, no?

I understand that nobody works for nothing, I just indicate that there is a possibility that people will drop out, I personally would not pay double.

Sorry my mistake, I thought I had replied to the original poster. My comment were not aimed at you @michel8166 .

Just curious to where they will drop out?
When Spotify HiFI will be released, It will most likely have the same restrictions as Qobuz and Tidal.
None of the software that integrates Qobuz, Tidal (and later Spotify HiFi) is free.
Audirvana => 70 Euro per year
Roon => 120 Euro per year
Volumio => 30 euro per year

Mconnect, BubbleUpnp?

I don’t know exactly which one, but it will probably be there. Supported Devices | TIDAL

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Once Spotify HiFi is available I see no reason to continue with Tidal. For me Spotify has a much better experience and I really hate Tidal’s search engine and personalization.

And considering there are many options of Raspberry OS that support Spotify Connect for free thanks to the open source, I don’t find any reason to pay for Volumio.

I would not call 29€/year “cash grab” but I can understand everybody who is not willing to pay extra in order to get Spotify/Tidal connect.
To me it´s more important that such new features run without any issues, if they are charged.

That’s the problem I find with Volumio, the number of bugs is too high and they depend on their customers to find them and do the testing.

Hummm, I 'm surpised about what can be said based on nothing…
Just some precisions
Volumio is free and open sources. It provides a lot of features, you can extand with a lot of plugins.
Some of them alllow to play Spotify because some users/dev took time to write a plugin for that.
MyVolumio allows to add some extra Features, such as Tidal or Qobuz integration, sync over devices and so on.
Once again, if you don’t want it, just don’t take it. Better, if you know how to write something for Spotify HD, free, open source and legal, do not hesitate to share with the community!
Same when you test beta version, you are warn that issues may occur.
But as far as I now, there is nothing for Spotify HD, I mean open source and free on other system. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

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Logitech Media Server. 100% free and integrates Qobuz, Tidal and Deezer HiFi

Please help me understand this issue. If you have a paid Spotify account and listen ad free to music on your iPhone, PC, mac or android tablet and cast thru Volumio 2 via Airplay or uPNP protocols occasionally you will need to buy a yearly subscription for Volumio 2?

That’s the case for Tidal & Qobuzz, hence my worries.

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I don’t get that people are complaing about payed services, while they are all pointing to free alternatives, why not use them then?

Of course, many expect everything in the internet to be free, illegal or not. This is not how it works. Volumio is for free, officially, with the support of a whole bunch of people, be it testers, core developers, plugin developers, mods and whatever you have.
But some developments, Tidal Connect is a perfect example, require months of development with specialists and this just does not come for free.
So how do these complainers/ leechers think this is going to work. Is a Volumio team expected to pay this out of their own pocket and just hand it over for everbody to use?
Again, we are not talking about the normal contributions by the people mentioned above, all volunteers.
So if anyone is willing to volunteer a Hires Spotify Connect development as a plugin, nobody would object. But don’t expect this to be free, when done by “to be paid” developers.


What @gkkpch said. Having been a part time tester for the buster version I can attest that the core developers (and many other contributors) work damn hard into all hours, day and night. Let’s be fair people. None of us would be as dedicated and hard working for so long for free.

Spotify hi-fi should be available at the end of this year. it looks like this isn’t going to happen.