I need to know can if RPi can output real 24 bit

I have read and read and some say that 24bit are downscaled to 16 bit, when played through RPi.

I need to know if I can play a 24bit / 96Khz FLAC file with the RPi and DAC without any downscaling.
I don’t want to pay for highres music and get it out in CD quality :wink: The DAC can be any good DAC build for the pi, like this one http://www.gravitech.us/dusoulsoqufo.html

Can someone make me feel at rest

Hi Martin,
on the link you posted I read
" Durio Sound adds a 24-bit 192kHz ultimate sound quality with the lowest possible distortion to your Raspberry Pi. "

This quite gives you an answer :wink:

Thanks I read that :smiley: But in the comments in the article https://volumio.org/raspberry-pi-i2s-dac-sounds-so-good/ i read that:

And many DAC’s are using i2s so how can the be 24bit ?

I have also seen references to this problem of truncation the 24 bit to 16 bit in the i2s drivers.

Anybody that can shed more light on the true situation?

Are there any Raspberry / i2s DAC’s that are known to truncate to 16 bits?

Are there any Raspberry / i2s DAC’s that are known to keep the 24 bits?

Here is the answer and solution: bug-sound-soc-bcm-bcm2708-i2s-t2447.html

We ere discussing it here: sound-quality-limitations-raspberry-i2s-dacs-t2391-10.html

Read everything.
So still upconvert 24-bit in 16-bit ??? :frowning:((((((
Don’t real 24-bit ?