I have to turn my Pi off and on every time to use spotify connect


I’ve got a Pi 4 and volumio v2 and its pretty great. Only one small issue which I am thinking is network settings related. I have to restart my pi by unplugging and re-plugging every time I want to connect to the volumio device. Is there something I can change to keep it connected all the time?


Could you share some logs?

Either a link to a full debug log or a quick snippet from the /dev page using the livelog feature or via ssh.

# Volumio logs
journalctl -f 
# vollibrespot logs
journalctl -f -o cat -u volspotconnect2.service

Note you might need sudo before these commands depending on the version of Volumio your running

Ideally you would do this when said you are facing the issue :slight_smile: