I found the cheapest DAC with balanced output

I was searching around for DACs with balanced output, and came across Yamaha AG series mixers. These mixers can record at 24bit / 192KHz, but for Volumio the best feature may be same quality playback of computer audio.

At $149 list and $127 street price, Yamaha AG03 may be the cheapest DAC out there with TRS or XLR balanced outs. It also has excellent reviews across board. Does anyone know of better options in this price range? I am thinking of pulling the trigger on this one.

My plan is to use Volumio RasPi2 -> DAC -> Active Reference Monitor speakers for two-channel listening.

I note that the Teac UDH01 has both XLR and RCA outputs and can be found at Richer Sounds for £129.95 (richersounds.com/product/dac … c-ud-h01-s). After that, you’re well into hifi territory…

Chris M

Aha looks great Chris! Unfortunately the cheapest TEAC UDH01 I could find in USA is $400 :frowning: Authorized dealers are charging $600.

I auditioned the Yamaha AG03 at my local pro-studio store with both studio monitors and headphones, and it sounded great with no jitter or wobbles so ended up buying one yesterday. It is super well made with metal body and price was good at $149 too.