I finally have static IP!

For me, using the build from 10/18/19, I wasn’t able to change (under Network tab), and save the following:

  • Wired: Auto: Off
    • IP address: #my desired static address
    • Gateway:
      -Wireless:Auto: Off
      -Bluetooth: Off

Anytime I made these changes, I would lose my ability to ssh login, could not ping the device, and the browser couldn’t respond to URL

I made the following changes:

  • in file /etc/network/interfaces
    • cd /etc/network
    • sudo cp interfaces interfaces.bak #make a backup of your previous version.
    • edit the file: interfaces; I use vim, but nano if that’s your preference
    • vim interfaces
    • remove all the old statements, and replace with the following (note: the static ip address I’m giving my new Volumio is, the netmask will probably be the same for you, and my gateway device is This is usually the IP address of your router.):
            auto eth0
            eth0 inet static

Hope that helps someone until the coders get whatever is broken in the ‘save’ on the Network tab!