I can't post anything because a post with no links says I am not allowed to post two links

How do I sort this out? My post has no links, but I can’t publish it because the UI says I am not allowed to post more than two links.

How did you publish this one with no link then?

It really beats me. I want to report a bug and I can’t because of that message. Even if I delete all the comments in the template and only include my text (removing all dots in case they get interpreted as URLs, and all slashes for the same reason)

FWIW this is the issue I’m trying to post: dpaste/XmQw (Plain Code)

If I try to put the actual text here, it says “can’t post more than 2 links”. No idea where it sees links.

Try to add [```] with no [. ] In front of your text

That worked… I posted it inside of a set of [```], it posted, then edited to remove the backticks and now the forum is happy to accept the post. Thanks.