I can't connect to volumio through http://volumio.local


Sorry if this has been covered before but I just purchased a used Allo Digione device which is loaded with Volumio. I am trying to connect to it with http://volumio.local and the address can’t be found. I also tryied with the IP address and it does not work either. Any idea on the issue?

Should I delete volumio on the SD card and download it and go through the process from scratch?

Thank you for your help

it’s a old manual but it could help you set it up.


On which kind of device is the browser? I believe Android phones won’t resolve volumio.local properly

It is probably still set up for the previous owner’s network. You need to reconfigure it, or start from scratch. To reconfigure, you can connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable and find its IP address with a phone app such as Fing, then open the IP address in a browser.

On my Android phone, volumio.local doesn’t work, but volumio.lan does.

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I will start from scratch as suggested tomorrow.

Thank you for your help!

It all worked by redoing it from scratch.

Thank you for your help!