http://volumio/dev page suggestions

Dear developers,

is it possible to get some more extra info on the /dev page ?

Like visible disks (sdX), mounts and total/free space, CPU temperature (!), CPU load overall, IP address/netmask/subnet/gateway, and maybe connected storage SMART status ? (Via smartmontools). I know I might have a NAS where I can see all this, but I see more and more people building some kind of streamer with built-in HDD/SSD so this info would be useful too. + HDD/SSD Temp, health (%)…

So in general I can imagine a bunch of other small & useful parameters on the /dev page. (or let’s make a new stats page, whatever).

(Check Out Hard Disk Sentinel for Windows, what it shows. There’s a CLI version linux variant too).


Have a look at balbuze’s new plugin:

Best Regards