Html website open from Volumio Mainpage?

Hello guys!

At the moment I building a kitchen in-wall-mediaplayer, based on a Raspberry Pi3 and Volumio.
The system is operated via a touch screen and Volumio starts immediately in full screen.

But I want more than just a media player. For example, I want to bind a weather forecast.
The weather forecast I have created as an HTML website.

Well, it would be ideal if I could open this “website” via an icon in the main window, so that the weather forecast is displayed in a new tab or window.
Now to my question. Do I have to create an independent plugin, or are there other possibilities?
If I have to create a plugin, how does that work? I’ve read the documentaion, but I’m not quite sure how to handle this link.

I hope you can help me. Because this is a must-have for me and if that works, I also want to integrate a Scratch Borad. But that does not work as I imagine … :smiley:

Best Regards

Bump it!

Have a look at the mainmenu.json. It should give you an idea what you need to do :wink:

Hey there, i have same problem on my HTML website, also based on Raspberry Pi3 and Volumio, the problem is when i add an animated photo gallery plugin and click it, it opens the Volumio page directly. My friend told me to leave and that now there are many web design companies which sells per-designed web pages or custom orders, he sent me a list of the companies with their design examples and prices and to be honest some companies are really cheap with nice designs and services which made me confused so i had to read some reviews and actually i found a good company for modern web pages designs but i didn’t decide yet to buy one or keep working on it by myself.

If you are not a spammer, let me know…