How to upgrade from 2.6 to the latest 2.x version using command line?

I have version 2.67 of volumio and want to upgrade to 2.9X (the last in the 2.x series. How can I do that using the command line?
When I check for updates on the web ui, it only shows upgrading to v3, which I don’t want to do.

You would have to flash the 2.917 version, there is no way to do this via the command line.
Volumio 2 support is now limited.
Any reason not to try v3? Try it on a separate card (or usb stick when it is x86).

The reason not to try V3 is that I did not want to break my existing system before the Christmas holiday. The spotify plugin that was working 3-4 months ago all of a sudden stopped working. I hesitated installing V3 because of all the ‘fun’ I had trying to get V2 to work.

Now that Christmas has past I had the time to install V3 on a new SD card. To my surprise installation went well. A few minor network hickups-to reach my share on windoz I had to enter the ip address and specific path (the auto scan did not pick it up). In addition, my windoz share does not have a password so it would not connect with a blank password but when I entered one space in the password field, it connected…go figure.
The spotify plugin worked as well. Basically V3 is now set up and configured to where my V2 was and seems to be working OK.

lol :upside_down_face: