How to tune FM Radio on Volumo

I have Volumio 2 installed on Raspberry Pi 4B (8 GB) along with Hifiberry DAC2 HD. I have configured multiple custom Web Radio URLs which is nice and fine. I am wondering if I can somehow tune-in local FM broadcasted radio frequencies with this setup, such as using an additional FM tuner hardware module (example Si4703). I couldn’t find any such plugin. Do we have any guide on how to achieve or any future plan to incorporate this?

The Si4703 and other FM tuner boards all mostly have analogue outputs. This makes it a bit more tricky as you will need to have some switch to change the output, or a DAC with inputs so that Volumio can control things.

An alternative would be to use a FM tuner that supports digital output. The easiest way would be using an SDR. Most of the cheap rtl2832u based TV-DAB tuners should be able to do the job here. rtl-sdr can then be used to do the demodulation. I believe something like wfm-rpi already packages things up for you.

A neater option if you ask me is again from Silicon labs and their digital radio line-ups such as Si4629 or Si4689