how to setup volumio usb wifi on raspberry pi 3

Sorry if this has been asked - not sure where to look.

I have a Raspberry pi 3 with Allo Boss - setup and working great with Volumio!

I’m planning on installing in a metal preamp case and think I’ll have to use an external USB wifi dongle. I’ve looked at the compatibility guide (seems a little dated and more for Raspberry Pi 2) and will probably try the Edimax EW-7811Un one.

My question is how to switch to the usb wifi from the internal wifi? Can I do this in Volumio? or do I have to (?) somehow log into raspberry pi? Very new to this so any pointers or RTFM (is there a FM?! would help.


Volumio should preferentially use the USB wifi dongle. If this fails, then it is possible to disable the onboard wifi.