How to set up to Portrait mode on Raspberry Pi output via HDMI?

First post here. Thank you Volumio for suck a great program. I managed to attache a screen via HDMI port and enabled the touch screen plugin. It shows in landscape mode which looks just like on my computer.

How do I enable or change it to be portrait mode, like on my phone/tablet?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Head to the configuration page of the Touch Display plugin and look for “Orientation Settings”.

Thanks for your reply. I can’t find any “Orientation Settings” on the Touch Display Configuration page.

My Volumio version is 2.861

thank you.

What is the device Volumio is running on?

Tinker Board S

That explains it… from the UI orientation setting is available only on Raspberry Pis.

Thanks. I do have a Pi4. May be I’ll try it later.

Hi gvolt, is it possible for you to add the “Display Orientation” to the Touch Display Plugin on Tinker Board S?

Appreciate it.


Switched back to Pi4 and now I got the “Display Orientation” option on the Touch Display plugin. I chose to rotate 90 degree and it looks the way I wanted. With 0 degree set up, the screen goes to sleep/blank mode in a couple of minutes when there is no song being played (which is the way it should be); however, with 90 degree selected, the screen never goes to sleep/blank.

I think there’s still a bug in the plugin. I hope this can be fixed!


I will have a look, but suspect that it is something with the firmware of the Pi4. There have been fundamental changes on the Pi4 regarding HDMI and quite a few issues. IIRC it works on other Pi models, e.g. Pi3 (but will have to test again).

If you look closely you can probably see that the screen on the Pi4 shuts off for a split second when the screensaver timeout you have set in the UI expires. Then the screen turns on again immediately. When you now run
xset -d :0 -q
you will get the result that DPMS is enabled and the DPMS state of the screen is “off” - just as it should be…

Edit: Seems to be a known issue… will have to check if older Pis are also affected.

Thank you for your reply.

I can confirm the same behavior with RPi2. That is, the screen saver is working fine with a HDMI display/ 0 degree/ landscape orientation; the screen is never blanked with a 90 degree/ portrait orientation. In fact according to this bug has been fixed in RPi4?

Hi, once i tried pluggin a HDMI cable from the pi4 to the TV, but noticed a bad ground (feedback) loop. I realsed it wasn’t necessary when you can access the device over LAN, but was wondering if there was such a thing that shows the now playing screen on the tv?

I Think you need the Touch Display plugin