How to register MyVolumio on the Bunker version and register Qobuz?

I have a new RPi4 8GB and have tried to get the current releases to install on this unit (incl. v2.779) and this new hardware cannot boot Volumio up.

However, I am able to boot the Bunker version (v3.008-2020-05-23) of Volumio and have it running (with limitations) on my RPi4 8GB board.


  • Will I have to manually update to a new release that is compatible with the 8GB model? Or will the software update version be working (it doesn’t currently)?

  • How do I get Tidal and Qobuz to work on the Bunker release? They do not appear within the menu.

  • How do I register my MyVolumio account within the Bunker version?

Thank you for any assistance. Best regards.

There do appear to be problems with the new RPi4 8GB, which are under investigation. The “Buster” version is in preparation for the transition of Volumio to be based on Raspbian/Debian Buster, and may not yet be feature complete. Hopefully all of your questions will be answered automatically during this transition.

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Yes, the current images are beta images to weed out bugs, hence there is no myVolumio functionality or any of the OTA updater infrastructure included.

However, for your specific issue of the 8GB board, if I am not mistaken, @volumio mentioned that he’s looking into making it compatible with current Volumio soon :slight_smile:

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