How to quickly play new content?

I have 1 large music folder on a NAS, so a library update takes a long time to complete.

If I have some new music that I want to play right now, how can I do this without doing a full update?

Ramplay doesn’t offer enough MB. I’m currently working around this by having a small shared folder that I can update faster, but it isn’t a convenient solution.


I have been experimenting with Beets:

It uses MusicBrainz to help tag your music and keep it organized. it’s pretty awesome so far, and it’s been easy to get it up and running on the Volumio box.

It has a plug-in architecture, and one of the plugins can notify MPD when there is new music, to help automate the re-scan.

I haven’t gotten this fully going yet, but was thinking about setting up a “drop box” for new music and setting up a cron job to run beets to import the content there on a regular schedule. With that MPD/Beets plugin running, it can auto-update your library incrementally as new stuff comes in…

Thanks for response bdouble. Yeah, I’ve used Beets, very neat, but what I really want is a way to tell Volumio to simply play this new album that isn’t in the library. A library scan takes too long, I want to play it now! :smiley:

Can I tell mpd to only scan a sub-directory, i.e the newly added album?