How to prevent updating images on the Artist page?


Fist of all, many thanks for creating Volumio.

I use Volumio 2.873 on RPi4.
I have enabled SSH and can access the drive with WinSCP.
I only play files stored locally. I do not use any streaming services.

Could someone, please, help me stop images on the Artist page from being updated?

The problem is that Artist images are quite frequently altered. Once I get used to the layout of the Artist page, some pictures change and I feel lost in the interface.

I have tried “Settings > Sources > Album Art Settings > Web Album Art > Off” to prevent this ongoing flux, but in result images in the Artist page disappear altogether instead of updates being stopped.

Many thanks in advance.


“Settings > Sources > Album Art Settings > Web Album Art > Off” is the only method I know. I download images off the web and store them locally. It worked for me but it may not suit you. My directory structure is Letter > Artist > > Album. For example B/Bowie, David/Diamond Dogs. I store an image of David Bowie in the Bowie, David directory.

Dear kchap,

Thank you very much for your kind reply. It was actually very helpful.

My directory structure basically follows the conventions of iTunes, so it is less elaborate, just “Artist > Album”. For example, “/media/music/Rush/2112/Track1.flac”.

When I uploaded a picture of Rush in the “/media/music/Rush/” folder, it was displayed almost instantly on the Artist page. Moreover, by experimentation I discovered that the picture can be called either “Rush.jpg” or “Artist.jpg” or “artist.jpg” and it still works.

Is there a documentation page that describes this mechanism and the naming conventions that can be used?

Anyway, This solves my problem. I do appreciate your help. Thanks again!

Sorry, to post again, but it seems to solve the problem partially.

The solution does work when I browse the music directory starting from the “Music Library” point.

However, when I click directly on the “Artists” link on the right side, the uploaded image is not displayed.

I also keep a copy of my album/artist data offline. This is stored in your Volumio system in the /data/albumart/web directory. Everytime I have to start from scratch, I update the source and then overwrite the web directory with my archive copy. You may need to clear your browser cache if it’s shown incorrect or broken pics.