How to prevent rescans of external USB drive

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 (2gb ram) and around 3 tb of FLAC files in ~90,000 songs on an external HD. I’m struggling to prevent Volumio from rebuilding the library after every reboot. I powered down via the menu and rebooted and after about 4 mins and some disk access it had booted back up with the library apparently intact, but sometimes I make changes via the menu - such as the experimental UI - which require a reboot and it seems to make the system decide to rescan the whole library. This takes an hour and is totally unnecessary - the files on the disk are rarely changing and I can do a manual update when required.

Is there an option to prevent rescans? Does it depend on how I shutdown? If Volumio is shutting down in a way which causes this to happen is it a bug, or is there an environmental element to this?

On start, we check if USB drive is still there, in case it’s not we trigger a rescan. This could sometimes trigger an auto rescan.
We have to make a settings for it to solve your case. It’s now on todo list

Ok great. To be clear, the USB drive is never unplugged. Maybe you are doing a check before it’s mounted? If so is there a way if delaying volumio from running until then?

Mmm not that I can think of… sorry

Is there some way of configuring volumio to never use a library and instead let me browse folders on a device? I’ve looked but can’t see it.

The media servers button maybe is what you’re looking for :wink:

I can take a look but if I’m going to use that to play music from an attached USB drive I’m still going to need to stop the default automatic scan which occurs during each power up/reboot/restart and I don’t see how I’d do that.

Is there some way of maybe adding my drive to /etc/fstab so that it never goes away and therefore never gets rescanned?

Or is there a way of using Volumio without the whole library building process; just providing way of navigating files on attached devices/samba shares etc? Kodi allows this. I much prefer Volumio to Kodi but with the current issue Volumio is sadly completely unusable for me. :frowning: