How to play WavPack DSD files

Hello everyone,

I’m running the latest volumio version on a RPi 3 with a DSD-capable USB DAC. I can play regular dsf files fine but I can’t seem to play DSD encoded with WavPack 5. The DAC clicks a few times (like it usually does when changing from PCM to DSD or vice versa) but there’s no sound output and DAC’s the format indicators will all turn off.

The files play fine in foobar2000 through the same DAC and mpd should support the format since ver 0.20 (2017/01/04).

In case it matters, I currently have to use the DoP option in volumio.

Where do I start digging? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Nothing? Thought I saw quite some people around with DSD playback. Can’t be the only one (trying) WavPack for DSD.


I’m happy to do some testing and provide logs of course.

Not that anyone seems to care but upon finding out about the existence of Moode i thought I might as well try it for this feature and sure enough it works right out of the box. Also plays fine as WV+CUE which is what I wanted.

Still open for testing if anyone decides it’s relevant or if another user wants to double check his config.

Still nothing? Nobody interested at all? :neutral_face:

7 months later and still nothing?! If it’s not supported, please just say so, that would be really helpful. Thanks!

Still interested in hearing about this…

I’ve not had issues with playing dsf files. I’ve had some wavepack files that I separated into tracks with CueTools, again I’ve had no issues playing them. I’m using an Allo Boss V1.2 on a Raspberry Pi, playing from local USB storage.

Thanks for your reply!
I’m afraid we’re trying different things, though. DSD/DSF files work fine. Regular WavPack files with PCM content work fine, too. Just WavPack files with DSD content don’t work at all. It’s a shame because it’s quite a neat format.

Btw. problem still persists in the current Volumio version…