How to mount NAS

Hi all,

This topic might be a bit off-topic, since there are posts that are related to this issue. However, I am a newbie in Volumio and I still do not manage to mount my NAS with Volumio. Who can tell me the steps in details? In my Synology, I have get through all steps in:
The shared network folder of my NAS is: /volume1/music, and I set the IP address to
The path in Volume is:
However, this gives errors in mounting. Who can help me?

With NFS shares you need to grant the device accessing it the appropriate permissions. So on my Synology NAS under ‘shared folder’ there is an option to set NFS permissions. My particular setting is:

If this doesn’t work, and if you have access to the command line you can look in the directory /mnt/NAS and see if your share is actually mounted. If it is not there, then you can try manually mounting it and see what errors are given. Good luck :wink:

Thanks for your ultra fast response! I still do not manage to mount, using your setting. I also do not know how I can get access to the command line in Volumio. However, I found an alternative way to play music from my NAS to Volumio. I have installed the AllConnect app.

My settings are not the same as yours … your IP address is different. I showed the screen pic so you knew where you were looking to set the permissions. If your RPi IP address is, then use this (or 192.168.1.*) as the client being granted the permissions.