How to make sure Volumio is outputting 100% volume?

I am running Volumio on a Pi4 with Digione, connected to a Schiit Modi 3, with RCA cable. I am not quite sure how I can confirm that Volumio/the Pi is outputting 100% volume? It seems kinda low to me. What kind of settings are correct?

Should I2S dac be on or off when using Digione with Modi 3? Should I enable mixer, or will the selected “none” make sure the output is 100%? I can not select hardware, even though I have tried resetting everything to factory settings.

You can’t select Hardware mixer because Digione does not have one.
So, you’re already at 100% volume (simply because there is none).

Why you are not using USB out?

Because everyone I asked recommended RCA(SPDIF) instead of USB. Even SCHIIT and Allo.

So my settings are okay? But how come Digione is selected as Dac, it isn’t really a DAC…Schiit Modi is my dac.
Should I use I2S?

You’re right, the I2S DAC label might be misleading (it should be I2S Hat). But in your case is all correct and you’re good to go

Could it be that Schiit Modi is not outputting 100% volume?

Honestly I don’t know… maybe there are different volume levels depending on input…

But I can be 100% sure volumio and digione are outputting 100%?

Yes, if no HW mixer is found, then output is 100%…

Hi! Let me tell you tell you something about my things about volumesettings and volumediffereneces:
My Pi is a 3B using also a Digi+. DAC is a MusicalFidelity, connected by RCAcable. Trust me, sounds better than USBconnection! I2S is a MUST, otherwise you can’t select the DAC! MixerType “none” sets 100%volume!
BUT: playing music, you can be sure THERE ARE DIFFERENCES IN VOLUME!

  1. playing music from different ripped CDs will cause differences in volume! The music on CDs has not really the same volume. Test it with a CDPlayer…
  2. playing internetradio is louder that music from the ripped CDs… Technical things, that you could’t change…
  3. using Spotify-Connect-Plugin? Take a look at the setting for that! There is a volume-setting! Turn it LOUD or the Spotify-music is low in volume and sounds HORRIBLE! The “volume normalization” in spotify or volumio didn’t really work successfull! Tested it!
    AND REMEMBER: it makes no sense buying other hardware. You will always get the same “issues” and “problems”. But they aren’t really. Do the “right” settings and here you are - enjoy the music!