How to make S/PDIFF work (x86)

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For the last few years I have been using the ‘Daphile’ software with an old Compaq desktop pc, and its been working fine except for constant network connection problems. So I decided to try the latest Volumio for the x86 PC and it all loaded up and installed flawlessly. Everything seems to work great (including audio coming from the on-board sound card) but I cannot get a peep from my DAC, which is a Linn Numerik connected via coax to the built in S/PDIFF socket on the PC. This setup works fine with Daphile so I know my DAC works ok with Linux.
Just wondering if there’s a setting I need to tweak? In Daphile I just had to make sure that the S/PDIFF box was ticked in the mixer settings, but there is no such option for this in the mixer settings in Volumio.[size=1][/size]

Hoping you can help me please.


Edited your title to include x86, so hopefully those working on these things will pick up on it.

Could you supply me with the results of

aplay -l and