How to install Volumio on Windows 10?

Hello everyone, is it possible to install Volumio on Windows 10? I’ve never had so many difficulties trying to install a software (not on Windows or Ubuntum and I’m a programmer…), at this point I’m looking for help. I’ve downloaded the .img file (PC download, so I guess it should work on Windows) and can’t go ahead. If I open it with 7zip I get a new .img files which is useless, can someone shed some light?

Volumio isn’t an application its an operation system. You can’t install it as an application on windows. You might get it to work on the new Ubuntu terminal build in Windows 10. This would require quite some knowledge of Linux and the application.

Volumio is actually an OS, like windows is, so you can have it by for example recycling an old laptop or using a raspberry PI. Your win10 pc will act then as a remote control…

Mh, ok, I’ll try to arrange myself or keep using iTunes if I don’t have success. Thank you