How to install Volumio 2 on a Raspbian?

I have now a Raspbian Stretch configured according to my needs, with also other software therefore I cannot use the Volumio 2 image.

How can I get Volumio 2 to work in it? what should I download, what are the steps for installation?

I think you should provide Volumio 2 as a package that any Debian based distro can install. If someone wants the kernel from your distro, or wants ease of installation, can get the whole image. All the other ones can just install the package on top of their installation.

I would choose the other way: just add Stretch as an additional source:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

deb stretch main contrib non-free rpi

sudo nano /etc/apt/preferences

Package: *
Pin: release n=jessie
Pin-Priority: 600
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get update // never ever user upgrade!

For me the volumio distro is just a base:
I installed additional Logitech Media Server (serving Logitech Radio in the kitchen) and Twonky Server (serving my tablets with video and music). On top of that PHP/apache2 is running, ntp changed and a few packeges (zip, cron, …) are aditional installed.
Once per night a cron job is running a PHP script to copy my iCloud contact data into my local telephone system.
Till now there are no limitations, and the Raspberry Pi 3B is not overstrained…

Otherwise, it is the same as always: create backups! Create Backups! Create BackUps!
As long as the system is stable running and before you are changing something.


Black Senator

@ BlachSenator:

What do you mean with “never ever user upgrade!”

That someone should not use “apt upgrade”, or “apt-get upgrade”?
What should one use instead, “apt dist-upgrade”?

Or that you have to use these command as root?

BlackSenator’s solution doesn’t work for me.
I get “file system full” errors with either nano or vim.
I’m using a 32gb card with nothing else on.
Any idea how to fix this?

The Volumio distro is incredibly brittle. Update certain packages that they have modified outside of the dpkg system (for reasons known only to them), and you will brick the machine.

Doing an “apt upgrade” shouldn’t render a Debian-based system unbootable but, with Volumio, it does.

“Incredible brittle” is perhaps not the right term, you can not expect to just “upgrade” a customized OS unpunished.
Though Volumio is based on Debian, it is a volumio-specific OS distro, and has a number of packages specifically compiled for that platform.
Additionally, Volumio has a specific initramfs, processing the Volumio over-the-air updates with its own new application version or kernel.
This is where it starts getting difficult, “apt-get upgrade” does not know about the specific way Volumio handles updates and brutally overwrites files where Volumio still needs them, rendering the boot process broken.
This is not a weakness of Volumio, it is just impossible for “apt-upgrade” to know how to upgrade a customized OS in general.

Umh. The usual method is to maintain your own set of packages, with your customizations built in, and use the Debian Package Manager to manage updates. Maybe doing that is incompatible with your OTA upgrade system, but it’s not obvious that it must be so.