How to get volume control to work for two grouped players? (Volumio 3 + Spotify 2)

Got 2 players running with the amazing Infineon MERUS HAT. One on the left speaker, another on the right speaker (BTW: MERUS is missing in the GUI setup, but adding the line “dtoverlay=merus-amp” in config.txt fixes that). Both players have the Spotify 2 plugin.

The two players can be grouped into one. So one player seems to be the “master” and when selected in Spotify, music comes out on both speakers. So far so good.

But. How to get the volume control in Spotify to control the volume (on both left and right players at the same time)?

The only way to control volume I have found so far is to go into the “Zones & Output” window on the app and tap both volume sliders (very difficult to adjust as they are quite small).


I would try the following.
Set your dac mixer to none.
Disable and enable Spotify connect 2.
It should now use its internal software volume mixer.
Now the volume is set only in Spotify app.

Thanks. Spotify volume up/down only controls one speaker. So worth a try, but not a solution :frowning:

Any other ideas?

Hi Rolf,

This appears to the case across Tidal, Spotify, FLAC etc
Each players volume seems that it must be to be set individually.

On initial setup of multi room / grouped players, yes the individual volume control is required to set the correct level for different amps, DACs etc.

However once the individual volumes are set, ideally the volume on the ‘Master’, should adjust all the grouped players volumes.

This how the picoreplayer works.

Is there a setting or variable which I have not set correctly to make the above happen ?

Keen for any thoughts or feedback

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Interested in this solution as well.