How to get rid of redundant shares

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.846
Hardware: RPi 3B+
DAC: ApplePi

I’ve been having to mess about with the shares on my NAS since updating FreeNAS11 to TrueNAS12 (mostly a re-branding exercise), and now I have a working share that Volumio can read, I find I still have the old shares showing up on the Sources/Network Drives section. They’re showing as not mounted and yet they won’t be deleted ("Error Cannot remove Share’); any thoughts?

Have you tried with the NAS turned off? I had a similar problem and what worked for me was: turn off Raspberry, turn off NAS, turn on Raspberry, delete share, turn on NAS.

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I haven’t, mostly because there’s the rest of the household to worry about. I’ll try and reason with them about losing the thing for 20 minutes (this FreeNAS takes forever to boot…)…


That did it. Turned off the SMB service, did as you suggested, restarted SMB and RPi, and all was as it should be. Thanks!

Great! Glad to help.