How to get Album Art showing ?

Just got a Pi, I am new to linux in all forms so liked the ease of the Volumio solution.

Everything loaded easily and working well, however need a DAC to improve sound quality, but I have one problem … I don’t seem to have and Album art showing ?

Checked this forum and not many questions on it so I must be doing something very basic wrong, any help would be appreciated ?

Love the Volumio solution, I also have some Sonos gear, but the Volumo platforms are really affordable and a chance to have a little play :smiley: :smiley:

Think I will also try the Cubox-i2 , but they are not available until the 25th April.

Anyway back to the current problem … no Album/Cover Art :frowning:

Well now I have worked out for myself that there is no album art feature within Volumio.

It would have been nice if one of the 69 people who had read my initial post had just told me that.