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awesome plugin!!

In fact that awesome that I’d like to switch presets via websocket, so I can use my IR or the Rotary Encoder II plugin to toggle presets. Is that already possible somehow, or more likey a feature request?

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has anyone a short list, what all the Parametic EQ will be.

Peaking HZ/DB/Q
Use HZ for HZ / DB how loud to set the Filter/ Q how wide will the Filter be work (0.1 long > 40 very short)

Notch: HZ/Q
Will be Set a Filter for a very short Range
HZ for HZ / Q for how wide (like Peaking)

but what about bandwith,
what is there to type in, or what does
HighpassFO mean?


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I have to complete the doc…
By waiting, you can have a look here :

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I’m using the plugin to accommodate for different sitting positions that I use in my listening room. But when I save each location in the presets, it will remember the left/right channel gain settings, but it won’t remember the left/right speaker distance for each seating position, and it will just default back to the last one I entered.

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You are right. Delay settings are not saved in preset
I’ll add it in a next version.
Thanks for the feedback :relaxed:



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Working great now. thanks!