How to exit Volumio Linux interface on PI3

I have installed Volumio (2.632) on my PI3. I can access from my PC or phone and the settings are fines: wifi access, web radio,audio,… However I though that I would have the same interface directly on my Raspberry. All I’ve got is this Linux command (see picture). How can I exit and go to Volumio GUI ?

Thank you for you help


Hi, there is no GUI on Raspberry. volumio is ‘headless’ here.
For more info read doc.
Enjoy volumio!

OK. Thank you
From my understanding if I plug a HDMI touch screen I will be able to access to the GUI . I hope so because I ordered a screen that i will receive in the coming weeks.
My plan is to build an internet radio with a PI3 inside an old radio. I want it independent with no need to pilot it from phone, tablet or whatever.


i know that HDMI will work on x86 and Tinkerboard
with RPI you have support to offical Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display via plugin.
maybe with RPI4 HDMI support will come… but i don’t know.

OK. Thank you. I will see when I receive it