How to enable root access with Volumio to remotely edit files?

So how does it work fork you dvo , what are the WinSPC setting I have to change?

I can’t decode your writings. You hinted here the WinSPC solution and said that it’s working for you for these purposes, and now you deny to share relevant information how to make it work at all. ??? But fine, if you don’t want (by any indistinctive reasons) you don’t have to.

So I ask anyone else here who have the knowledge how to make it work, please share it!

Ok, let’s say I know and have considered these risks, but still want to grant access to modify these files. So what’s next?

The login details were obvious for me already, I’m sill asking for the rest of the settings to make it work.

Linux is not a click and play system, but you have problems grasping that idea.
Or reading what we have told you multiple times now.
Since you’re asking these questions, you are not experienced with Linux.

  • Modify files with owner Volumio use Winscp
  • Modify files with owner Root use Putty.

I am not going to guide you to a broken system, and have the forum solve these issues. Prob. no-one on this forum will.
Also not going to respond anymore.

Take care

I don’t know why I deserved this kind of condescension. I guess it was obvious from the beginning of my question that I’m not experienced in Linux at all. That would be my big mistake? And have juts asked for a more familiar solution for the problem. And you both have written this-and-that criss-cross, suggesting it that will work, but the end of a 1 day long thread elongation it turned out all unusable. I guess it rather more seems, that you don’t had the required certainty regarding and changed your suggestions time-to-time as when it turned out unusable.

dvo: So you have just admit, that you have suggested a solution in the first place, that could brake my Volumio’s file system and make it totally unusable. Plus have leave me in totally obscure how I could even set it up or try to. So I don’t get it, why you wrote it here at all.

Sorry, but that’s my honest opinion concerning both of your activity here at the time now.

So: still waiting for a relevant (and more ensured) answer for my starter question (maybe a method not even mentioned here before?).

But to skip one step away (backwards?) from a more suitable solution: I ask that, if I install an “MC” on Volumio and use it through SSH/Putty, will I be able to (finally) edit/save/overwrite files in the Volumio’s file system with it?

All the required info? Point it.

You won’t as it’s not there. You didn’t given any specific setting info for WinSPC at all to make it work for this purpose.

So, just please be simply specific and exact if you are really think you want to help in this case and stop writing undecodable, misty ravings higgedly-piggedly.

Oh MG, you still haven’t understand any of my complains and findings? Did you read them at all, or are you now still in write only mode? Sorry, but with this way of your attitude, I guess we won’t get any further.

Ok, let’s close this session.

Now I want to concentrate to this (“before-last”?) solution: I ask that, if I install an “MC” on Volumio and use it through SSH/Putty, will I be able to (finally) edit/save/overwrite files in the Volumio’s file system with it? (As I don’t want to debit and install anything extra on the system, what’s not useful for me at all.)

Greets Mounter01,

Lets see if I understand your root (pun not intended :wink: ) question.

You would like to edit system configuration files (say for e.g. /etc/triggerhappy/triggers.d/audio.conf)
– preferably remotely, and with a GUI from the comfort of your Windows PC.

Your options are quite limited unfortunately. All system files are owned by the root user. So you would need to either:

  • change the ownership to the volumio user first, modify it, and change it back to root
  • use sudo to temporarily elevate your self to root and edit the file.
    – as Volumio is a headless system, you would have to do this via the terminal.
  • ssh/scp into the device as root - this may not work. But you can try user would be root, password would be the same as previously.

I am not sure what a MC is?

mc midnight commander, a file manager / editor

Yes, it was suggested (maybe here and than deleted, or maybe on another thread), to install a “old-school Total Commander like” file manager on Volumio, like Midnight Commander (I can’t find the thread or post just now), so with that I MAY could do that, what I really meant to so far. Any info regarding this option?

Gotcha - you shouldn’t need to install anything more on the Volumio device.

Here is something to try:
in WinSCP - when adding the connection head to the “Advanced Settings” and then navigate to in the “Environment>Shell>” and enter su - as the shell.

This should let you automatically elevate to root allowing you to edit files.

usual disclaimer: you can mess up your system if you edit the wrong files in this mode!

EDIT: I am going of memory - so the exact tabs in WinSPC might have different names, but hope you get the gist :slight_smile:

PS: I changed the topic title - hope you don’t mind!

Apparently that won’t work as per How do I change user after login (e.g. su root)? :: WinSCP
as IIRC Volumio prompts you for a password when you run su -

So you could be very cheeky and do echo -e <pa$$w0rD> | su -

Thanks, I’m trying with it and I can set the mode to “sudo su -” under Advanced>Environment>Shell, but don’t know where to enter the “echo -e <pa$$w0rD>” line in WinSPC. ???

Add the whole line into the shell field.

echo -e 'pa$$w0rD'  | su -

Essentially the | is called a pipe command and let’s you pass the output of the left to the right.
So here you are mimicking entering your pass word by printing it to the su command.
As you can imagine, this isn’t secure, but then again neither is volumio…