How to enable root access with Volumio to remotely edit files?


I have the latest version of Volumio installed and running on the SD Card in a Raspberry Pi.
I only want to access the whole filesystem on the SD Card from SMB (SAMBA) Network share from a Windows PC (I don’t have any Linux PC accessible). So I ask, how can I enable this SMB Share on the SD Card?
I have SSH access with Putty from the Windows computer to the Volumio already, so from there I can configure as required regarding.

Thank you!

Hi Mounter,

you can use winscp to get in the rest

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Edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and change




Warning! You have a full access to destroy your system :wink:

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Yes I have now figured this part out, but thank you. The next thing I want to do is to set an User and Password for this part of the share to make it secure. So how to do this part?


Hi Mounter,

you can use winscp to get in the rest

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But why would I need WinSPC, what for?

Thanks, but I already use Total Commander for accessing network shares, works juts like how I’m browsing my PC’s local folder.
(I thought you said winspc could access these file on the Volumio without the SMB share modification).

it can have access to all on your rpi :wink:

Also without this SMB modification?

Thanks, will give it a try, but mainly I still want a solution for the password protected SMB hare, as I still want to stick to Total Commander as I have used to.

Yes it can - but that is because SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) which a builds onto the SSH protocol. Whereas, SAMBA is a completely different protocol…

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Ok, thanks, I hade guessed something like that. But still waiting if someone can answer regarding the SMB password protection in the smb.conf file.

You can add the SFTP plugin to TC and add openssl to your system.
SO you can work with TC.

Much better to use winscp for this. Has a simular GUI and all the Fx keys are identical, so is the main menu structure.

So, if it’s that identical, than what are the advantages to use winspc over Total Commander (in this case)?

smartpants… :slight_smile:

winscp is built for this task and can deal with Linux file properties, TC can’t. So if you copy back and forward with a windows based machine to a linux based distro, you finally will end up with a broken system.
But then again, it’s you system.

Ok, no need to be sarcastic. But still I’m stuck with TC and SMB: as I see now it won’t let me nor edit and save, nor to copy and overwrite any file in the file system. At least not with these smb.conf file command lines. (As i see my share access is in “read only” mode). So what to change in the config file to be able?

Here’s the whole smb.conf file content as it looks now:

netbios name = Volumio
server string = Volumio Audiophile Music Player
workgroup = WORKGROUP
security = user
map to guest = Bad User
encrypt passwords = yes
wins support = yes
local master = no
preferred master = no
os level = 30

[Internal Storage]
        comment = Volumio Internal Music Folder
        path = /data/INTERNAL
        read only = no
        guest ok = yes

        comment = Volumio Internal Music Folder
        path = /mnt/USB
        read only = no
        guest ok = yes

        comment = Volumio Internal Music Folder
        path = /mnt/NAS
        read only = no
        guest ok = yes

	comment = Volumio file system etc folder
	path = /etc
	read only = no
	guest ok = yes

Correct, you can’t elevate TC to act as root. As almost all system files have root as owner.
Therefore you need putty, where you can elevate the volumio and edit files via nano, vi,…

In your case, /etc/samba/smb.conf. should not be writeable for everyone. SO it works.

I have SFTP installed for TC, but to connect with SFTP is a whole different story I guess. Or what are you explaining about? What it has to do with SMB?
And I didn’t change anything else in the smb.conf file, only added the section [etc] at the end. So I don’t know how it could be “messed up”…?

Use putty (or ssh in cmd shell) to edit root owned files, forget smb for this task.

Ok, so I’m now trying with WinSCP, but after I have connected it still can’t copy and overwrite or modify files in the Volumio file system. It also says that I don’t have the permissions to do so (Permission denied)… So how to set up WinSPC correctly for this task?

(I only want to edit the triggerhappy config file BTW in the path: /etc/triggerhappy/triggers.d/audio.conf, as I would do a lot of modification in this file and to do it with the Putty/SSH command line method would be very exhausting and time consuming).

Yep. Welcome to Linux :slight_smile: