How to copy music to Volumio usb drive from Linux workstation (x86)

in windows I’m able to transfer music to my Volumio usb drive via wifi, but on Linux I can’t.
Was possible when I was a Daphile user, in fact, through the Kde Plasma file manager, I could easily drag & drop to the “daphile” network resource.
Unfortunately this doesn’t work with Volumio, in fact I don’t see it in the file manager in the network resources.
How can I solve?
I spend 90% of my time on my Linux desk, it would be useful to find a solution.
Am I missing something I need to install?

You should be able to access the USB drive using Samba. You find a short general description of how to connect to smb shares with Dolphin here.

You can use smb:// where you would have to substitute “” with the actual IP address of your Volumio system. No credentials should be required. After connecting successfully to the smb share you should see a folder with the name of your USB drive.

Alternatively you can connect via sftp. How to do it is also described in the link above. To connect to Volumio by sftp you would use e.g. sftp:// Login name and password are both “volumio”. You find your USB drive in /media respectively in /mnt/USB.

Thank you!
In dolphin inserting the path “\ \volumio.local” I can finally see the device.