How to control pi with a phone without a router + other info

Hi there,
I have two main concerns right now that I have to address.

The first is referred to my home setup, where the pi (+ digital out HAT) will be placed between a NAS (lan) and a DAC (digital coax). The control is a Iphone 5S and the music will be both in the NAS and streamed through Spotify by the smartphone.
Right now I’m testing the chain by using an usb pendrive with some music directly connected to the pi.
If I play music through Spotity all goes smooth, without any problem.
If I play music through the usb pendrive (after having mounted it in Volumio) I get some glitches and the program skips tracks at random.
I tried various usb pendrive and music but the problem is always there.
Someone have some idea? Should I expect the same problems even when I will have a NAS connected to the network ?

The second problem is referred to my car setup which I’m building right now.
I’d like to use my phone to stream music through Spotify to the raspberry and to open the music stored in a local HDD connected to the pi or as an alternative to stream the music from my home NAS by using a VPN connection (for safety purposes).
The problem is the following.
If I use the Hotspot function of my Iphone 5S the raspberry can connect to it, but then I can’t from the phone take the control of the pi because they are running on different networks (4G the iphone, wifi the pi).
Is there a way to solve this (maybe with a specific app or raspberry script) without having to buy a 4G dongle for the pi and having to use an extra SIM card with an extra internet plan?
Also does someone know a 12V~14,4V DC to 5V DC step down converter (or just a transformer instead?) which will be good to run the pi, without having to spend too much money?

Thank you guys :wink:

Firstly, check that you’re using a decent power supply to your RPi rather than a mobile charger. There is no reason why you can’t have both the NAS and the USB stick connected at the same time.

For your in-car RPi, you could use the Volumio hotspot rather than your phone’s. You can then control it fine, but you won’t have internet access.

Thank you for the answer

Currently I’m using a charger from Amazon Basics which delivers 2,5A. I will try something different to isolate the problem.

About the car setup: so there is no way that I could have both 4G access + remote control of the pi by the same phone?
I mean, it’s not physycally possible to jailbreak the phone in order to let it access to both networks together?
Or some other trick that will do the job?

Found this:

"Turn on wifi hotspot on your ipad/iphone. Setup wpa_supplicant and /etc/network/interfaces on your Pi to connect to your iDevice. Now, both your iDevice and Pi have internet connection through your LTE! Of course you can ssh into your pi. "

from here: … h-when-out

Someone know if this will work?
And also in detail, what should I setup exactly on pi to let it connect to the iPhone?

Not sure about that one … you’ll have to try it :wink:. Your RPi should see your mobile’s hotspot just like any other wifi network. Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

Hacking config files will not make any good for this: please use Volumio UI which does make necessary changes for you.
Make sure you turn OFF Volumio Hotspot (flip ON-OFF, save, allow about 10 sec for networking stack to restart)
Set your iPhone in hotspot mode
Discover it under Volumio UI, enter credentials, Save, and allow about 10 sec for networking stack to restart

From there Volumio should gather a local IP adresss from your iphone and get access to internet through it.
Also your phone should be able to access ) to control Volumio.
You could also use Balbuze’s Spotify Connect plugin to stream Spotify from your phone to Volumio (or just use Airplay to do so).

Thank you @macmpi .
I did as you suggested as was able to control volumio through the iPhone using the IP that the phone gave it.
If I try to listen to web radios it works flawlessy.
If I try to stream (Airplay) from Spotify…I hear nothing!
What that could be?

A little update there.
I tried using volspotconnect plugin but I couldn’t make it work.

Today I tried again using volspotconnect 2 instead and all is working fine!
I just had a glitch on the first try that made the web radio played from Volumio stop working after having played a couple of songs from Spotify.
I tried again many times, switching between Spotify, Volumio usb music and Volumio web radio and all is working flawlessly.


  • pi and iphone connected to the same router
  • iphone in 3G/4G and hotspot active
  • find the iphone wifi network in volumio wifi network tab
  • connect to it and wait for 10-15s
  • reboot pi
  • control of the pi 100% through iphone

Now the next step is to assign a static IP to the pi.
I will update there about my findings so if someone is looking for the same stuff it will be covered.

Hi, I’ll warm up the subject a little.

I’m having trouble with my Volumio. I have launched, configured a lot of extra things that it needs and it’s great, except that I can’t run Volumio without internet access.
Volumio is connected to RJ45 in a router and a local network - so I can access it via ssh, for example. However, I sometimes work without access to the Internet. Then as in all other times the player will play usb files etc.

Unfortunately - I would like to start Volumio when the router has no network and nothing happens … I can’t open the interface, logging in after ssh takes forever … calling volumio status too …
It displays status eventually, but the web interface is not working.

How to make Volumio also work without internet access?