How to control DSP volume via I2C from Volumio/Rpi?

I want to control the volume in my DSP over I2C interface from Volumio/Rpi4, is there a plugin for sending volume controls or some kind of config to get things going?
I guess it could also be over SPI, whichever gets the job done, but either way I can’t find any instructions on this.
(I’m using an ADAU1452 as a crossover + EQ for my system with SigmaStudio.)

maybe a plugin such as allo relay volume attenuator in miscellanea category is a good start to write your own

Thanks balbuze, will check it out.
Appart from that, is there some documentation on how to write I2C for Volumio?

You could simply use i2cset(8): set I2C registers - Linux man page or if you want to do everything directly from node, look at i2c-bus - npm

Will mark this as solution, obviously there is no ready-made solution but the documentation an examples are there.