How to Connect to your 5Ghz wifi network even if you can't see it:

After renew to Volumio 3.0, my connection to my 5Ghz wifi is lost and can’t even see it in setting.
After tons of trying and researches, final I’ve got it working. This is the easiest way without getting into SSF:
1: Mount your sd card into a pc.
2: Open the /boot directory [There are actually 3 partitions!]
3: Create a text file and name it “wpa_supplicat.conf”
4: Paste the following into file:

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


(make sure you have the 2 letters “iso country code” for your country, in my case country=CA which is Canada, check: )
(also make sure you have type the correct “5Ghz wifi ssid” and password!)

5: “Save” this file in your boot directory
6: Unmount the sd card first before taking it out (Very Important !!!)
7: insert into your Pi before you start it.
Now you should connected to your 5Ghz network after Volumio open.
Good luck.


Thanks for the hint. It might mean that we need to set the country before Wireless is able to scan 5G networks. We will issue a fix soon for that

Please include dpkg-reconfigure tzdata as part of the Network setup, while you’re at it.

This is longstanding known issue…
Will now show certain channels depending on your country.