How to connect to Tidal?

Dear Tidal community. I have a simple question. [14 May 2021]

How do I connect my Tidal subscription to Volumio???

I have Volumio Superstar and Tidal HiFi subscriptions so I should have all permissions. I have done it before, but now I no longer seem able to do so.

My history is as follows: I subscribed to Volumio and installed the software. I connected my Tidal HiFi subscription to Volumio via the Tidal plugin in Volumio. Everything worked perfectly.

Then suddenly Volumio stopped working. It took me some time to figure out that it was because I have changed Visa card and the monthly payment had failed. I entered the new card as payment method and paid the first month’s subscription and Volumio started working again. However, in Volumio I can now only can play the internet radio stations.

The connection to my Tidal subscription was no longer working. I have looked and looked, but I cannot find the Tidal plugin anywhere. There are other plugins, but not the Tidal plugin. I have tried to google how to connection Tidal to Volumio, but the user interface they describe does not look like the one I see. Has the connection changed? Is it still possible to connect to Tidal?

Please help me by pointing me in the right direction. It is something in the beginning of the process that I do wrong, so please go very slowly on the initial steps. I am sure that I can figure out the difficult steps. It is the start that I cannot figure out.

As follow up questions: I also have Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music. Is it possible to connect these streaming services to Volumio? If so, how does one do that?

Thank you for any help. Mark

Hi Mark, can I suggest that you address your main issue to the official dedicated support at techsupport at volumio dot org :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem. When I try to update Volumio I also get this message: System Software Integrity check failed, manually edited files were detected. System Software Update is not possible under these circumstances. Please execute a Factory Reset or Delete User Data, then retry.

Where did you get your install from? Did it come preinstalled in some products?

In any case, do a factory reset. The then you will be able to upgrade to the latest version