How to cast YT music to Volumio from PC?

I searching and found this play-soundtracks-youtube-videos-with-volumio-t702.html and this does not work anymore. So, is there ANY way to play youtube songs in Volumio?

A other way is to stream from your pc to Volumio via airplay or upnp. If you are running WindowsXX you can try (it works well) Tuneblade . But you have to know that there is delay (from 0,5 o 2 sec) and you can hardly use it with the video on your pc.
But if just want to listen the soundtrack…ok

If you use VLC or some other good video player you can delay either the audio or video stream so you can sync your video’s.
Youtube cant do this but it works for other video’s is solution, good solution, for my problems! Thank you

i have a different solution, i just grab the youtube m4a file and dl to the USB

#!/bin/bash input=$1 # get the argument passed to the script clean_input="${input/https/http}" # youtube-dl doesn't handle https, so convert "https" to "http" youtube-dl -f140 $clean_input -o '/mnt/USB/youtube/%(title)s.%(ext)s' #downloads the audio file and puts it onto your USB stick

now if i could figure out how to pass that path to mpc… this is my dirty version: (dirty because it makes another call of youtube-dl, which takes time.

#here starts the dirty part title=$(youtube-dl -e $clean_input) mpc add "USB/youtube/$title.m4a"

what i’m also currently looking into is a way to add an entry field to the web interface where i can paste a youtube link into. so i dont need ssh every time

it should also not be to hard make a plugin for firefox that can do this with the press of a button directly from the youtube tab.

ps: that way of the first link, on the first post is broken, because changing the source url from https to http does not work anymore. the file is simply not there.