how to capture and send log files when WebUI hangs?

Problem: The miniDSP branded WebUI hangs frequently (several times a day) during normal use with no plug-ins. By “hangs” I mean that it displays the rotating wheel icon and does not respond to user events. This state persists until I reboot the kernel by repowering the host device (miniDSP SHD Studio) and then restart WebUI. WebUI will not restart if the kernel is not rebooted. Other miniDSP users are reporting the same problem and that it seems to happen randomly.

Configuration: Wifi connection (strong signal, reliable, no dropouts or network problems); miniDPS/Volumio version 1.038 (current release); Chrome or Firefox on MacOS 10.14.6. Reinstalling the kernel doesn’t help. Everything else in Volumio works as documented, so I don’t suspect a setup problem.

Question: When this problem happens, I can’t access .local/dev to capture and send log files. Is there another way to do that, eg with CLI? Also, is there any way to restore WebUI function without rebooting the kernel? Thanks!