How to add Yammat FM radio stream into Volumio

Hi I need help how to add radio stream into Volumio.
I’m listening local radio station named Yammat FM. Couple days ago thay play with their stream and now it’s not working.
I have to say, that the previous stream, I was not be abile to find by my self so,
I add it by the help of someone, on this or other forum,
he just give me URL which I paste into
My WEB Radio - add WEB Radio - and under URL I paste the link he give me…

The old URL which is no longer working is ;

This is Yammat FM page

This is yammat FM stream on other page in 320kb … 1578641935

Tune in ;

I try to paste new URL … 1578641935
but it wont work

any idea how to get new stream URL ?

I have installed Tune in plug in, in Volumio, but even he doesn’t find Yammat FM


The stream from TuneIn is

Works now , but no guarantees !

Thank you !!!
it’s working :mrgreen:

how do you find those streams ?
I try google but nothing comes up :cry:

All credits to @mrhk13 and he’s metode to find out the url for Tunein radio streams. :wink:

Thanks, once again :smiley: