how to add random song of my library

I search for a way to add one or multiple songs of my library to volumio plalist. before I install volumio (v2.565) on my raspberry I used mpd with mpc. there a some scripts which add by mpd one (or more) songs out of the library to the playlist of mpd. this is still working with volumio but in a unsuspected way (songs get add and will play, but you can control it by volumio there is still the old playlist showing up).

Is there a solution to add a random song? best would be by volumio api
or is there a way to update volumio playlist out of mpd playlist?
or is there a api/cli command to add a specific song (eg. by path/filename)?

thanks for any tips and tricks


I dont know how, just replying because im interested by some more featured : add a track to finishing playlist, track chosen from LastFM recommendation…
You see the idea? Something smart-like.

Please could you give more info (and source) about the mpd/mpc script you referring to ?


I’ve just added a possible solution in the guides section…