How to add radiostation

With Volumio(1) is was easy to add an internetradio to the list. Just open the map on a windows pc and the job was done.

in Volumio2 I can’t find it.
There are a number of web radio’s added, but not the one that i want.

Can anybody help me with this?

so, How can i add a internetradio (m3u or pls) in Volumio2?

I just went to the dirble site, and there my radiostation was added.
how come that I can’t see the station in Volumio2?

As far I know you can’t import m3u or pls , you have to manually add the channels you don’t find when searching Dirble or Shoutcast !

Just add the stream URL


did not noticed the extended menu.

Yes it’s easy to miss that ! The icon was bigger and more visible in previous versions.
But IMO a “+” or the same icon somewhere in My radios menu is a more logical place to put it


i also have Problems to add Internetradio, I read a lot of Infos.
’ Sonoskiller, I know the Prozedure you told here. First, is this the only way to add radio files? In older versions i read a way to add a complete list in a folder /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO.
I put for example some Radio stations as pls, as m3u and as URL about webinterface/Browse/Web Radio/ My Web Radio/options but i can´t play one of them. I´m always get a red flash on the Monitor “no connection”. Could anyone help me?

Next question, how can i download shoutcast or dirble stations?

Hardware = Raspberry 3
Soft = volumino 2.141

Thanks a lot

Greets Ulrich

Is there also a way to remove all not needed radio stations?

I find that most do not work anyway…

or, (a little more off-topic) customize the menu of Volumio so I can hide the stuff I never use?

Try this

Hey thnx!

But I meant the shoutcast stations and all…

I think you have to discuss that matter with Shoutcast and Dirble!
I’m not sure, but I assume this info is only read by Volumio

just add your favourite channels from Shoutcast/Dirble to “My Radio Favourites…”, then you can create your own list