how to add Favorites songs to queue ?

please help:
how to add Favorites songs to queue ?

Choose ‘Browse’ and then select ‘Favorites.’ In your list of songs there is a “hamburger” symbol on the right hand side of the screen for each track… click this for options.

The question is :

How to add favoriteS songS : All of them in one task

i am not a computer i wont click twice all 724245 ‘hamburgers’

no “choose all” or alike available.
adding Youtube links to playlist seems be impossible. alltough it tells that is added. but there is nothing on the playlist.

what a sham ui
what a sham library management

i use a workaround for the favorites:
copy the ‘favourites’ file to the ‘playlist’ directory :

cp -f  /data/favourites/favourites /data/playlist/favourites

That is not what you originally asked :wink:

Please feel free to suggest ‘feature requests’ in the appropriate section, or better still contribute to the project.

i suggest this

Actually, this is one of the worsest distros I ever found, I gave up after one week. Lucky me I found Volumio.

Even if icoco is quite unpleasant, he is right: we should add a way to play all favourites

Yep the same: only an install tryout was enough :laughing:

thank you…
the Favourites box in the Browse view just need a burger menu like other playlists.

im not bad im sad
Sad to see how the user experience is bad with this must have Volumio for audiophiles raspberry fans.

Sad to know that creating an ui from scratch has no end. See how much years was needed to Xmbc to reach the present Kodi experience.
Sad to know that Volumio will maybe never offer a user experience as great as Kodi does. Dont hope so, but maybe never… Because, in my meaning, a wrong way was choosen : writing an ui from scratch… Interfacing the Kodi UI with the MPD api would have been a good idea. Maybe. Sad. Sorry.

Done, you can flash this new release: …

Or use the TEST mode to update via OTA.

In either case, after reboot, refresh the browser page to load the new UI