How should tidal uri's be sent via websocket?


As the title says how should the tidal uri’s be sent via websocket to make system to register those correctly? I have no proplem with local files from usb memory or spotify plugin, everything works as it should. but from tidal cant add anything to queue, also replaceAndPlay just seems to clear the queue, but never add anything in there.

From the volumio/dev live log i can see that it adds “mnt” to the uri i send(propably a bug?), before or after “explodeUri” Is called.

I’ve got rpi4 with the latest volumio.

I don’t understand how the extra music services such as Tidal & Qobuz actually function within Volumio, other than they are a part of MyVolumio. I would expect that you sending stuff directly via websockets, but not MyVolumio will just fail??

Thx for the reply, yeah no idea about the implementations, since could not find and look into those.(those are proprietary?)

But since the browsing of tidal works via websocket, i suppose playback should work aswell, don’t know about qobuz since it’s not available for my country sadly.