How many Raspis allowed on Virtuoso?

Hello, I cannot use both a Raspi400 on one area + an RPi4 in another area:
I cannot retrieve the IPs using Angry IP Scanner…
Worse: Volumio is hidden behind my wife’s iPhone?
So it begins very badly for me… I shutdown my router and restarted it… But it’s still the same mess… A friend told me he has 3 Raspis allowed on his network…
Thank you for sorting this issue

Can you explain exactly what you mean by this please?

I do not understand what you mean here either.

You can have any many devices as you like running Volumio on your network.

Now, talking about MyVolumio plans, which offer additional features over Volumio Free, you can have 1 device with Virtuoso, and 6 with Superstar. For details see here.

OK i was on Virtuoso so “only 1 raspi blessed” Or i have 2: one in man main house and one in a remote place using another internet access through an Aruba wifi extender…

Secund: Yes i cannot see any Volumio while checking on Angry IP Scanner!? The matching adress is wrongly labelled “iPhone de Dany” aka my wife and the wired IP is also wrongly labelled RopieXL (previously tested as well as GentooPlayer…)

Third: My friend with 3 Raspis has not told me what kind of Volumio he had…

Now i shelled out slome more bucks for Superstar and i hope, everything will be OK

Thanx for your support