How many Pi's do I need?

I am about to do some shopping for a new amp. However some I consider have streaming capabilities others just have a great DAC but can’t stream. Or can stream but don’t have Spotify connect (looking at you Gato).

My wife used Spotify. She opens the Spotify app finds the streamer listed and thats about as complicated as she wants it to get.

So great Volumio supports Spotify connect.

But my I listen to Qobuz. I like the high Rez and all that. Now Qobuz doesn’t have a connect service I am aware of that. So my questions are these; do I need to buy a separate Pi’s for Spotify and Qobuz? My second question is, assuming I am a premium Volumio user, how do I stream music from Qubuz. Do I use a separate app?

Thanks in advance!

If your wife wants to use the same setup for Spotify as you for Qubuz at the same time, you need two setups. (or do the battle of the strongest, but that one seems not really appreciated lately :rofl: ) As you cant run both together using the same amp and speakers.
If you’re not using the setup at the same time, 1 pi + dac will do.

Qobuz connect is different then Spotify connect, even they use the same name. However if you own an iPhone you can stream to Volumio via airplay and bluetooth.
Or use the Qobuz integration in Volumio and use your phone as a remote.

I’m in the same situation. She has Spotify, I have Qobuz.

We use two Pi’s in two rooms. Living has one and sleeping has one.

We never argue about, who is going to listen. Both accounts work fine. She uses the Spotify app with Spotify connect on Volumio, I use the Volumio app with Qobuz.

You can also visit the Volumio player in any browser, and even integrate into Home Assistant.

And, as I’m Volumio Premium user, it also does the multiroom thing very well.

So the answer on your question, if I can say: Yes, you can both coexist on one Pi, as long, as you don’t argue, who’s music will be played… :slight_smile:

Hope you don’t mind if I thank you both with one message. It’s never been a problem so far so if I going for an amp without streaming capabilities, I’ll go for the one streamer solution.

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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