how is volumiodata not automounted?

hello volumio developers,

fantastic that you have made it available on the x86.
scratched my head figuring how to get an image to the hard drive…
and I belatedly realised it was a bootable image!
so I have a usb stick now and found that the 3rd partition, volumiodata, had expanded to the rest of the stick’s capacity - 26G!
I then tarballed it’s content and remade the partition and filesystem with a decently small size in order to add a 4th partition for a vfat filesystem …
so the stick would then become useful for plugging into a windows system and loading on music directly.
I hit some problems though:

  1. the volumiodata partition automounts under /media and I believe it did not before I remade it (being reserved for the overlay)
    I back-tracked and added the right label but still automounts. is there some uuid magic happening here?

  2. the vfat partition doesn’t appear when plugged into a windows box. what’s needed?

  3. I have 2.348 and the network setup appears to be broken in multiple ways.
    a) initially, with the wizard, set the wired ip, saved it, but did not configure eth0
    b) ditto wireless: connected but didn’t come back after reboot. saving provoked two “wireless networking restarted” messages.
    c) the config.json file under /data had blank array entries for “wirelessNetworksSSID” and “wirelessNetworksPASSWD” in 1st positions.
    d) how can both wired and wireless both be configured? setting up wireless seems to deactivate the wired config and editing /etc/network/interfaces gets overwritten.