How important is the quality of a digital sound card in a i2s / coaxial configuration?

I mean internal DAC of the amplifier. Externals do have better output stages and more expensive chipsets.

HERE there are some info on the Marantz PM6005 internal dac.

Marantz PM-6005 : DAC 24/192 on board
The major new feature of the Marantz PM-6005 amp is its DAC. Marantz made sure its amplifier up to date as this integrated amp can handle stereo PCM audio stream coming from an HD TV, a network player or even a Blu-ray player (with stereo conversion carried beforehand by the player). Marrantz decided to use the microchip featured in their high end devices, the Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC. Although the Marantz PM-6005 is ranked as a mid-range amplifier, it is equipped with a high-end conversion microchip. By high-end we mean that the distortion level, signal-to-noise ratio and channel separation offered by the CS4398 are outstanding and directly comparable to its high-end competition such as the Burr Brown PCM1792 or ESS Sabre 9018K2M. Just like these two famous DACs, the Cirrus Logic CS4398 can handle PCM audio stream up to 24 bits and 192 kHz, as well as DSD. Yet, as the PM-6005 does not have a USB port, listening to DSD files is not possible.

that sounds like old stuff to me and 24bit /192Khz is a nice begin but not really high-end any more

I am sure, it sounds much better then this:
(No USB, COAX, no nothing)

that is one of the first recorder/player crackle and hum recordings.
and no nothing het heeft een klep man…

Yes, but it’s already difficult to find a human capable of sensing differences between a resolution of 16bit / 44khz and a higher one… let alone one higher than 24 bit / 192khz!
So I’m not particularly interested in that aspect: D

i can clearly hear a difference between dac’s and sound stages
if you have already a problem hearing at your age that is not so nice to hear.

Are you sure is not placebo?
Have you ever done a blind test?

In literature it’s clearly explained that a human cannot detect differences at certain resolutions and failures in blind tests prove this.

If you have super hearing, good for you, though.

super hearing ? no super i would not call it that normal for me.
and i’m not blind yet so i will skip a blind test.

Well if you have a big group, 40-55% will detect the higher sample rate correct, just because of the statistics and they took the correct gamble. But actual hearing it… 5% :rofl:

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You will for sure notice improve sound quality with the Digione HAT. Better to put HAT on the Raspberry then change internal Marantz DAC for an external.

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Well Look my case please :slight_smile:
Marantz pm 6004, e30 dac , wharfdale Diamond 9’.1 speakers, qobuz .
What component upgrade wil give me an upgrade in terms of sound quality ?

I would start with the speakers. General rule of thumb is that about 60% of the budget should go into them. It makes the most sense to me to buy the speakers you like the best and then take your time to compare and upgrade other components to find out to what extent your new speakers are capable of an even better sq.

Other way around (upstream) is also possible of course but chances are that your speakers are already the weakest link in your chain (not saying they are bad…) so a way better DAC would not make the sq way better…

Thanks for answers and may last question on this topic pls . What speakers should I check that are a step or 2 above my speakers … that will go with my marantz and have the same music amprent , warm .

just take you’re amp and test tracks to the reseller and buy what you think sounds the best. Don’t go on advice given by others.

yesterday I installed the Allo Digione on my RPi 3b+ to replace the cheap Kuman SC07.

I’m honest: I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, but the impression is that soundage, clarity and imaging accuracy have improved.
I’m really happy with it! :slightly_smiling_face:

And besides, it is enough to take look at the two boards circuits to realize the qualitative differences :smiley:


P.S. I installed the card, started Volumio and select “Allo Digione” in settings.
Do you think it’s enough or do you recommend a factory reset if not a new clean Volumio installation?

normally just assign the Digione will do the job, clean install or reset is not needed.